Sunday, March 20, 2011

Medication and children

I am becoming more and more concerned about the medication of some children and young people. This is not meant to be an attack on the medical profession who I believe do a magnificent job with limited resources. I do, however, fear for our youth. I think, as a society, we suffer from label-itis. We feel the need or are required to give people a classification, a pigeon hole.. a box. When I was young there were kids with problems, challenging children and 'that little bugger Hodgson who never listens'. Would I have been given ritalin or some other behaviour controller? Perhaps, thankfully it wasn't available. And be clear, I am not anti-drug, but I am anti 'lack of communication' and I am VERY pro- therapy, family therapy and looking at the whole issue instead of medicating one part of the problem. If a child or young person is acting out, surely our first step as professionals should be to explore the why first. Then step back and explore the broader picture? I think Eric Berne had great insight in his book, Games People Play and I believe that the dynamics and roles played by a family need to be explored to understand and evolve.

I guess what I am trying to promote is a nine pronged method of treating an issue.
Step 1- Explore issue with person presenting (teacher, parent, concerned other)
Step 2- Explore issue with person who is allegedly (yes ALLEGEDLY) having the issue
Step 3- Explore issue with connected individuals e.g. family members
Step 4- Reflect and feedback to all
Step 5- Explore options with all
Step 6- Consider individual, group or family treatment options
Step 7- Agree on way foraward
Step 8- Review progress REGULARLY
Step 9- Keep accurate records to develop valid insight into the situations

But then again, when you consider the time and effort this would take, perhaps it is just easier to give him a pill. Somehow I don't and I don't believe many of you do.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Week Movie Review: Film that Challenges Viewers to Make the Most of Life

One Week Movie Review: Film that Challenges Viewers to Make the Most of Life

Now and again a film comes along that offers us the option of going a little deeper into what our lives really mean. Joshua Jackson plays the part of the pragmatic cancer sufferer with a great deal of sensitivity and courage, without this performance the film would fall flat on its face. It demands the question what would I do? AND more importantly, what am I doing now. I went to bed thinking where does my life need to grow or change, this was a gift and a curse. Yes it leads to action!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sister Helen

Sister Helen
If you ever want to understand what it takes to run and live in a recovery, detox unit then this is the one. She initially comes across as a loudmouth bully but as you go deeper you see the truth. She is trying to shake the person out of the clutches of a killer, addiction. She has paid the price, paid her 'dues' and reaped the wind.
Watch the whole documentary and make your own mind up. Be open to her words and process. Let me know what you think. BE well.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Counselling and Psychotherapy: Creation

Counselling and Psychotherapy: Creation: "Why do we strive, why do we reach out, why do we challenge ourselves over and over again? In simple terms I suspect it is part of our evolut..."


Why do we strive, why do we reach out, why do we challenge ourselves over and over again? In simple terms I suspect it is part of our evolutionary process, but in a deeper sense I believe that we are asked to become, to become ourselves. That may appear to be a paradoxical play on words or some psycho-spritiual mumbo-jumbo but step back and consider. We are born and immediately the programming begins, programming that defines and undermines our true selves who ever they might be. Now this process is fundamentally essential (and unavoidable) to survival within the contemporary tribe, but it cuts the cord and here I do not mean the umbidical one. Freud announced the impact of parents on the psyche and Reich highlighted the armourments that this development brings, we become more than we were AND less. This cut as Rod Stewart so succinctly put it, is the deepest. So I challenge you all to consider this, who were you before society made you? What were you before the 21st century morality and ethics snatched you away, like a baby snatched by fairies?
Have a look at Richard Wagamese's Keeper N Me to see a clear example of cultural desecration and reflect how that may impact on the inner you?
Have a good week.