Sunday, March 6, 2011


Why do we strive, why do we reach out, why do we challenge ourselves over and over again? In simple terms I suspect it is part of our evolutionary process, but in a deeper sense I believe that we are asked to become, to become ourselves. That may appear to be a paradoxical play on words or some psycho-spritiual mumbo-jumbo but step back and consider. We are born and immediately the programming begins, programming that defines and undermines our true selves who ever they might be. Now this process is fundamentally essential (and unavoidable) to survival within the contemporary tribe, but it cuts the cord and here I do not mean the umbidical one. Freud announced the impact of parents on the psyche and Reich highlighted the armourments that this development brings, we become more than we were AND less. This cut as Rod Stewart so succinctly put it, is the deepest. So I challenge you all to consider this, who were you before society made you? What were you before the 21st century morality and ethics snatched you away, like a baby snatched by fairies?
Have a look at Richard Wagamese's Keeper N Me to see a clear example of cultural desecration and reflect how that may impact on the inner you?
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